Chairman’s Message

Planners Registration Board

(Since 1992)

Dear Members,

Welcome to the Planners Registration Board homepage which is designed to provide you with information on the Board’s functions and organisation as well as pertinent membership information. In here you can get an update on the Board’s latest business activities under the page on What’s New. You can also find a full list of our current Registered Professional Planners (R.P.P.s). You will be able to see the guidance notes on application for registration, and download relevant application forms. We have also added an on-line application function to make things easier for renewal application. We trust that you will find the information and materials useful.

In 2022, we celebrated the 30th Anniversary of the establishment of the Planners Registration Board. Since 1992, the number of R.P.P.s has steadily increased from around 80 to over 220 in 2023. Apart from discharging its duties as required under the Planners Registration Ordinance, over the past few years, the Board has been exploring ways to widen the scope of service in which R.P.P.s will be able to provide locally as well as within the Greater Bay Area.

I am pleased to report that R.P.P.s can now take advantage of the Streamlining Vetting Procedures for submitting planning applications which will reduce the amount of time needed for the initial review by the planning authority. Furthermore, our members are now authorised to undertake checking of site reinstatement related to planning applications.

In respect of extending R.P.P.s’ service to the Greater Bay Area, about 50 members and four planning firms are now registered to practice in Qianhai and Nansha.

More work no doubt will be needed to further strengthen R.P.P.s’ functions and services to the community at large and to uphold and upgrade our professional status, which will be a major objective of the Planners Registration Board in future years. I look forward to working with the Board and our members in achieving this important objective.

Dr. MAK Hoi-cheung, Eunice