Application Requirement

The qualifications for registration as a R.P.P. are set out in the Ordinance. In summary, the requirements are that an applicant: –

  1. possesses a HKIP membership or membership of a planning institute accepted by the Board as being of a standard not less than that of the HKIP or has passed such examination in planning and other subjects and has received such training and experience as the Board may accept; and
  2. has one year’s relevant professional experience in Hong Kong; and
  3. is ordinarily resident in Hong Kong; and
  4. is not the subject of an inquiry committee or a disciplinary order under the Ordinance; and
  5. is competent to practise as a planner; and
  6. is a fit and proper person to be registered.

The Register

The registration as a R.P.P. is valid for one year. Once registered, the person is eligible to use the title “registered professional planner” and the initials “R.P.P.” and a registration certificate will be issued to the person. The name and other relevant particulars of the registered professional planner will then be entered into the Register.

The Register of R.P.P.s is available for public inspection free of charge during normal office hours at the Board’s office and at the Planning Department on 17/F of North Point Government Offices at 333 Java Road, Hong Kong. Apart from being available in this Homepage, the list of the R.P.P.s is also published annually in the Government Gazette and the HKIP journal.

Removal from Register

The name of a R.P.P. will be removed from the Register on confirmation of a disciplinary order under the Ordinance. A R.P.P. may also be de-registered if he/she has died; has applied to discontinue his/her registration; has ceased to be ordinarily resident in Hong Kong; has failed to renew his/her registration; has ceased to hold a qualification by virtue of which he/she was registered; or has failed to notify any change to the details set out in the Register.

Renewal of Registration

A R.P.P. should apply for renewal of registration prior to the expiry of his/her current registration. The Ordinance has stipulated that a R.P.P.’s application for renewal of registration should only be approved if he/she continues to comply with the requirements for registration.

Application Submission

The Board normally processes applications for registration and renewal of registration twice a year. These applications should be made to the Board by completing the prescribed forms. The Board has also issued guidelines on the requirements for registration to assist the processing of these applications.