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About Us

Planners Registration Board
(Since 1992)
Welcome to the homepage of the Planners Registration Board!

Since establishment of the Board in 1992, the number of Registered Professional Planners (R.P.Ps.) has steadily increased from 86 in early 1993 to over 240 at present. Apart from discharging its duties as required under the Planners Registration Ordinance, the Board has been discussing on ways to promulgate the importance of registration of professionals and to provide more services to the R.P.Ps.

This homepage is part of our effort to introduce to you the Board's organization and functions. In here, you can get an update of the Board's current business under the page on What’s New. You can also find a full list of our current R.P.Ps. You can see our guidance notes for application for registration and download the relevant application forms. We hope that you would find the information useful.

We always treasure your views and ideas to improve our work. Please do not hesitate to contact us at the address listed below.

Bernard William HARRAD
Planners Registration Board

2018 Planners Registration Board Members include:


Mr. HARRAD Bernard William (Chairperson)
Mr. LEE Thomas(Vice-Chairperson)
Ms YAM Ya-may, Lily (Treasurer)
Mr. BROWNLEE Ian Thomas
Mr. CHAU Yat-cheung, Lawrence
Ms CHENG Lai-sum, Lisa
Ms CHEUNG Yi-mei, Amy
Mr. LEE Kai-wing, Raymond   
Ms. LO Oi-ling, Christina
Mr. Vitus NG
Miss YEUNG Wing-shan, Theresa

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